The following structs are available globally.

  • Instance locator assemblies are used to encapsulate a set of locator registrations so that they may be located near code that uses them. Assemblies are applied to instance locators using the assemble method.

    You might want to use these if you have a high quantity of types to be injected.


    let servicesAssembly = HIPInstanceLocatorAssembly() {
       locator in
       locator.registerFactory(AService.self) { return AService()) }
       locator.registerFactory(AnotherService.self) { return AnotherService() }
    let modelsAssembly = HIPInstanceLocatorAssembly() {
       locator in
       locator.registerFactory(AModel.self) { return AModel(aService: $0.implicitGet()) }
       locator.registerFactory(AnotherModel.self) { return AnotherModel(anotherService: $0.implicitGet()) }
    let locator = HIPInstanceLocator()
    locator.assemble(servicesAssembly, modelsAssembly)
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    public struct HIPInstanceLocatorAssembly