Best of Foo Week - April 2017 ✈︎

Foo Week IV

Here are some of the best projects from our fourth Foo Week.

Custom Agony

Custom Agony
Chris Beacham, Bryan Kaplan, and Manuel Sanchez

Hipmunk is known for the unique way in which it sorts its flight results, by agony. Agony is determined by combination of price, number of stops, amenities, and many other things. But what if you could tune it to your exact personal preferences? Maybe you care more about certain airlines or maybe you really prefer flights that depart in the morning. With custom agony, you can specify what's most important to you so Hipmunk always recommends you the perfect flights.

Rich Push Notification

Hotel Reservation Reminders
Devin Ruppenstein and Tai Vu

It's the day before your vacation and you realize you need to look up the address to your hotel. So what do you do? You search through your never-ending inbox for your booking receipt and hope it's got what you need. Here's a better way. This experimental feature will allow you to add your reservation to your calendar so it's easily retrievable. Even better, it'll send you a notification the day before your trip so your hotel details are just a tap away.

Hello Trivia

Hello Hipmunk Trivia
Eliot Winder and Ean Huddleston

Do you love travel trivia? Well then meet Hello Hipmunk, your new best friend. In addition to being a one stop shop for finding the best flights and hotels, now your AI-powered travel assistant can quiz you on your travel knowledge. See how you fare and then share it with your friends and see who knows more.


Hipmunk Adventures
Adam Lang, Tony Dihmes, Bryan Kaplan, and a whole bunch of folks

Sometimes you just need to get away for a weekend. Finding inspiration then scouring for deals and booking everything can seem like a lot of work for such a short trip. Hipmunk Adventures attempts to solve this by showing you the best deals for all kinds of activities. Whether it's skiing, surfing, or anything else, it'll show you the best places to go and what it costs to get there.