Best of Foo Week - July 2017 ✈︎

Foo Week V

Here are some of the best projects from our most recent Foo Week.

Chippy Canvas Animations
by Eric Krueger

Using Spine and WebGL, Eric created a canvas animation of our famed mascot, Chippy. This new animation is silky smooth and you can even change speeds and change costumes dynamically (Press UP/DOWN arrows for speed, 1-5 for costumes)!


Easy-fix Emails
by Christine Moon

Keeping emails fresh can be a challenge because redesigns require new code, internal discussion, and approvals. The solution is to give emails a template and to simply replace images, re-arrange HTML sections, tweak spacing, and change up web fonts to make them seem completely redesigned. No coding required, an easy fix!


by Nick Badger

Hipmunk's platform team is looking to do some "dusting" in the messier parts of the codebase. The motivation behind Dustbunny is to let authors of pull requests give feedback on their biggest pain points, allowing us to prioritize cleanup in the areas that are most negatively impacting development velocity. It also collects some information on pull request duration, so we can start to quantify the negative impact of our technical debt on larger regions of code, and make informed cost/benefit analyses on larger changes. We already use Slack pretty extensively in development, so wrapping that all in a Slackbot was a very low-friction approach for a proof of concept.

Similar Hotels

Winner: Similar Hotels
by Tony Dihmes, Eric Krueger, Tai Vu, Ivan Tse, Devin Ruppenstein, Karen Zhang, Jorge Cruz

When looking for a hotel, users usually have a set of criteria that they're searching for. With Similar Hotels, once you find one hotel you like, you can easily browse more hotels that match your criteria. This eliminates the need to go back and forth between search results and the hotel's details page. The most impressive part: the team got it done on all platforms (web, mobile web, iOS, and Android) in just one week!