Best of Foo Week - Oct 2017 ✈︎

Foo Week VI

Here are some of the best projects from our most recent Foo Week.


Chippy Frontpage Animation
by Eric Krueger

Using Spine and WebGL, Eric rigged up a model of our mascot, Chippy, and animated him to pop up on our frontpage. That's a friendly Hipmunk welcome to anyone visiting our site!

Featured Searches

Featured Searches
by Luca Pellicoro and Adam Lang

Did you know that the average traveler runs 22 searches before finally booking a flight? By featuring recent flight searches on our homepage we can save them time and prevent them from having to re-enter all of their search criteria every time they want to check prices. The featured searches will automatically refine as you enter search criteria too. So if you input BOS as your origin, it'll only show your most recent searches from BOS.

Spring Winter

Seasonal Themes
by Tai Vu

Tai built a simple particle system for our Android app that showcases a beautiful seasonal vista for winter or spring. Believe it or not, he hand-painted the backgrounds and each of the sprites for the particles!

Hipmunk Trips on Amazon Echo Show
by Matt Lemmone, Ean Huddleston, Kim Ruelo, Josh Nguyen

Hipmunk Trips brings travel inspiration to the home by turning Amazon's Echo Show into a beautiful display of wanderlust. The intelligent assistant makes use of the Echo Show's powerful visual display and voice platform to suggest incredible trips. Users can access useful information for each trip with their voice or touch: a summary of "why to go", video content, the best price powered by Hipmunk's discovery algorithm, and a way to book via SMS. By bringing Hipmunk to the voice platform, users have a new compelling way to consider their next dream trip, right from the comfort of their home.

Winner -- Hipmunk: Personal Computer Edition
by Steve Johnson, Christine Moon, Jorge Cruz, Michael Whitworth, Bryan Kaplan

Hipmunk is boldly entering a new market: 1980s PC users! With its intuitive command line interface, Hipmunk for the PC is poised to make those floppies fly off the shelves. Watch the video for details!